oNE gOOd Article aBOUT: Spyware, Spyware Software, Viruses and Viruses Software

Spyware cleaner software is found both paid and free. So what's the difference, why some are free and others are paid. Is this matter to you, do you really need to know why spyware cleaners come like this?

Well yes. Look if you never purchase anything on the Internet, you never reveal personal and important information like credeit cards, then might as well a free software is enough - spyware spies on you, however if you don't use online banking or things like that you don't really have to worry that much - a free spyware cleaner software will be gorgeous for you :)

But if you do purchase a lot of stuff online than a free anti spyware won't do you any good. Because most of them lack important features like real time protection for instance.

So it's highly recommended to get a paid spyware cleaner software like NoAdware for instance. Real time protection protects you against spyware in real time, without this feature you don't have protection which means any spyware can infect your pc, then if you're lucky enough to be on time you scan your computer and remove it. However real time protection blocks them in their path before they can infect your computer.

So it's a really big big difference -- think about it!

Also most free anti spyware are free means you get what you pay for. NoAdware protects against well over 9000 different spyware and is updated everyday. A "company" giving away a free stuff can't sustain this type of growth and service because they don't earn money, so they can't have full time employees researching spyware, and so forth.

Removal spyware spyware is highly important piece of software every computer that's connected to the Internet should have.

Remember anti virus software is another type of software altogether. Some software companies say their tool is both an anti virus and anti spyware - although this maybe true I always recommend NOT this kind of software because they're not very specialized.

For instance I use NoAdware and avast. NoAdware is absolutely against spyware. Avast is both against viruses and spyware but mainly against viruses. So I won't recommend having just Avast. Avast alone is not good enough against spyware because it's mainly against viruses.

The other problem people encounter without realizing is that they don't know that security software, some of them at least, conflict with each other. The ones I use don't and I have tried lots of different software and many do conflict. But apart from my testing I also contacted both companies to know whether they actually conflict with the other.